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Joining hands with the US government, the state of Ohio, area schools and conservationists nationwide, the CtK Youth Group will be aiding in the fight to save the Monarch butterfly. Plans are underway for a Monarch Way Station on church property. Many of our pollinators are in trouble due to loss of habitat and overuse of pesticides. The iconic and beloved American Monarch is on its way to extinction with a population decline of 90% in the last two decades. Helping our pollinators to survive is imperative for our own food supply. Our youth group will recruit parents and friends to plant a Monarch Way Station on our church property. But furthermore, they will document the project and create promotional information so that other youth groups can do the same project at their church, creating a chain of Monarch habitat through church communities.

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Christ The King Lutheran Church

Monarch Project

Hosted by: Donna Pellegrin
Sep 23rd, 2018 to Oct 31st, 2018 All Day
Christ the King Lutheran Church

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